Solar Farms


Solar Farms Produce Utility Scale Power

The largest capacity solar farm in the world is called Solar Star in Rosamond, California. Though it produces the most energy of any solar farm, it isn’t actually the largest in size. Solar Star only uses 1.7 million high-efficiency solar panels, compared to the 8.8 million panels used in the Desert Sunlight solar farm, which is also located in California. Those 1.7 million panels produce 579 MW (megawatts), which is enough energy to power roughly 255,000 homes.

How It Works

Contrary to what you might think, solar farms do not provide energy directly to homes. Instead, they produce utility-scale solar power, which means that the power produced is sold to utility companies. That addition of solar energy production for the utility companies means less demand for power produced by fossil fuels. This works to your benefit because you aren’t always home during the peak energy production hours of a solar farm. So while your home may not be a direct recipient of the power produced from a solar farm, your participation in it still means that you are reducing toxic emissions and greenhouse gasses.

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Your solar farm doesn’t have to be huge! We can help you utilize flat land on an area as small as a few acres. If you are interested in the financial or clean energy benefits of solar farms, gogreenTX can help. To get a site survey of your land, find investors, or get help with planning and installation, contact us today!

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