Radiant Barrier for Attic


Space­Age Technology For Your Home

Reducing heat transfer by thermal radiation is as easy as installing radiant barriers—also known as reflective insulation. One of the earliest uses of radiant barriers was in the first Apollo space mission. The barriers reduced radiant heat from the sun by 95 percent! Radiant barriers proved so effective that they became a Space Foundation Certified Space Technology, and in 1996, were inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Today, you can use the same hall­ of ­fame technology from radiant barriers to reduce your home energy costs. Energy transfer in your attic accounts for most of your home’s heat gain or loss, and radiant barriers greatly reduce that transfer.

How Does Energy Transfer Work?

First, thermal radiation from the sun—also known as radiant heat—hits the shingles on your roof. The shingles then absorb the heat and transfer it (conduction) to the attic space. Finally, the heat builds up in the attic and it radiates into the living areas of your home. The result is an increased temperature in your home and more load on your air conditioner.

Product Specs

Product Double-sided (single sided foil radiant barrier also available), reflecting, 99% pure aluminum foil with inner woven polyethylene scrim
Weight 28.6lb per 1,000 square foot roll +/- 2%
Thickness 5 mils thick (this is about the thickness of a business card or camping tarp)
Tensile Strength Test method ASTM D-828
Machine Direction 83.7lb/in width
Cross Direction 70.1lb/in width
Flame Spread 10 ASTM E84
Smoke Development 10 under ASTM E84 testing
Water Vapor Permeability 72g/m 2/24hr; 14 perms ASTM E96
Temperature Range -76°F to 212°F ASTM C411
Thermal Properties Emissivity 0.03 (reflects 97% of infrared heat) ASTM E408
Delamination All AtticFoil® radiant barrier products are manufactured using heat roller welding, not adhesives; the product layers are actually fused together so delamination is NEVER an issue with our products.

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