Roofing Repair & New Roofs


Did You Know, if you install solar at the same time as your roof, you can get a 30% federal tax credit on the cost of your roof.

Roofing repair is important from a practical standpoint

You need to have a roof over your head in order to keep your home comfortable for your family and pets. A damaged roof can lead to damage in the other parts of your house. A leaky roof allows water to enter your home which in turn leads to most costly damage such as damaged wall, ceiling and can lead to mold problems. Even just a small hole in your roof can leave your home vulnerable to animal or bug infestation.

Protecting your home is important and we understand that. Your roof offers vital protection for you and your family.  Accordingly, we treat all of our roof projects with care. We have experienced professionals in asphalt, high definition, TPO, ceramic tile, steel, and EPDM who can handle your residential or commercial roof. We also help with any insurance claims.

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